The Smart Payment Engine Fueling Your Growth

Optimize your payments performance with a flexible infrastructure
that plugs into any acquirer and increases revenues

Solutions That Enable Growth

Zooz provides a set of enterprise-class solutions, designed
to fit existing infrastructure and take it to the next level.

Smart Routing™

Zooz Smart Routing™ is a technology for the modern enterprise that wants to optimize online payments. The Zooz engine utilizes proprietary algorithms to dynamically route each transaction to the selected acquirer, reducing decline rates and lowering transaction costs by cutting cross-border and currency conversion fees.

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Omni-Channel Generator

The Zooz Omni-Channel Generator is designed for enterprise class retailers who want to enhance their payment-related capabilities across online and offline channels. The Zooz engine consolidates data across all retail channels to create a single user identity. Our technology enables retailers to create the ultimate, personalized consumer experience - in-store and online. Zooz introduces the Big Data of payments, equipping retailers with the means to maximize the ROI of their marketing budget.

Why Use Zooz?

Zooz has allowed us to do more with our payments, more efficiently and with better results. It has the sophistication and the scale to see us through to the future. "
Oliver Dlouhy
CEO Skypicker