How do online payments work?

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  In terms of transaction processing, online payments work the same way as in-store payments.   The major difference between paying on online and offline channels is the user experience: In a brick-and-mortar store, a consumer pays by giving the retailer a credit card (or another form of payment), whereas […]

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7 strategies for creating an omni-channel customer community

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As omni-channel commerce gains momentum, retailers are pressed to develop customer engagement strategies translatable across all channels. One universal way retailers can foster customer relationships online and in-store is by encouraging customer reviews. Customer reviews are a great way to create a sense of community around your business. Because customer […]

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Brick and mortar is here to stay [and you’ll never believe why]

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  Ever since we’ve assimilated e-commerce into the world of retail, a terrifying prospect has lurked in the background: Will e-commerce make brick and mortar stores entirely obsolete? As e-commerce has continued to develop, the question has only become more relevant. With e-commerce optimized on all devices, and brick and […]

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