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Find the right plan for you

We cater to all business sizes with our different pricing plans.

Find out more in our Pricing FAQ below!


$500 / Month + / API Call

Unlimited TPV
Unlimited Transactions
Unlimited Credit Card Tokens
Analytics Dashboards
3 Payment Provider Connections
6 Months Data History
5 Decision Engine Rules
25 Reports/month

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$1,000 / Month + 1.5¢ / API Call

Unlimited TPV
Unlimited Transactions
Unlimited Credit Card Tokens
Analytics Dashboards
10 Payment Provider Connections
12 Months Data History
15 Decision Engine Rules
100 Reports/month

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Our enterprise plans were created for high volume e-commerce merchants. For more information - Contact us

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Pricing FAQ

What does the fixed fee include?

You’ll have access to all the functionality provided by the ZOOZ platform. This includes unlimited card tokenization, TPV, PCI and more. A testing environment is also included.

How many API calls compose a transaction?

Between 2 to 5. It depends on whether the card details are stored, and whether you’re executing a two step payment flow. For example, if you already have a saved card and token, you can just create a payment and then create a charge.

Do I need to pay for using the test environment?

You have full access to our testing environment, which mirrors our live environment. We do not charge for using the test environment, but we do have a rate limit on it and we only save data for 1 month.

What happens if I reach the package limit?

Don’t worry, we’ll let you continue working with our system. We will upgrade you automatically to the next package.

I am connected to a payment provider that’s not on your list.  Will I be able to connect to it?

We’re constantly adding new payment providers, and the payment provider you’re after is probably on our roadmap. Contact us at support@zooz.com and we’ll let you know…

Do I need an agreement with the payment providers themselves?

Yes. If you are already working with some providers, the commercial agreement with them does not need to change. Want to add a new payment provider? You’ll need a commercial agreement with them.

How to choose the right plan for me?

Ultimately, the key influencer would be the transaction volume of your business, which translates to API calls. Nevertheless, different businesses have different needs, so depending on your business needs you may want to take advantage of our various services and upgrade to a higher plan.