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Prepare your payment stack for hyper-growth, Meet the payment switch

Support your company's growth needs and increasing complexity with ZOOZ’s Payment Switch

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What is a Payment Switch?

ZOOZ is a payment switch software that facilitates communication between multiple payment providers to process payments in the most efficient way possible. ZOOZ enable dynamic transaction routing by giving merchants the ability to devise rules on an easy to use platform where all payment information can be viewed ,analyzed and optimized in one place.

Already made the switch

Companies Using ZOOZ Payment Switch Software

Easily extend your payment network

Don't let payments be the bottleneck of your hyper growth. With our payment switch, adding a new payment provider, supporting new currencies and methods is super fast and easy. You can focus on improving your metrics and spare the fight over internal company resources.

ZOOZ Payment Providers
ZOOZ Payment Switch

Prepare for downtimes

Let's face it. Downtimes happen. For a hyper growing company, even a few minutes of slowdown can cause a massive damage to your revenues. In order to avoid outages, we help you dynamically route your transactions in real time to another provider.

Dynamically route your transactions to save $$$

When in hypergrowth, a small percentage of declined transactions can mean millions of dollars' worth of lost revenue. With the payment switch, you have the power to route your payments to make the most of every transaction. Dynamically route your payments according to more than 50 different filters, giving you ultimate control over payment success rates: card issuing country, card vendor, currency, customer scoring and acquirer fees.

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ZOOZ Payment Providers

Who is the payment switch for?



Your payment stack is scattered


All your payment providers and methods connected and managed by you.


We’re here to help you get bigger with the switch
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Growing up is painless with
the switch by your side
We’re here to help you get
bigger and better using the switch

How will it help you grow?

Save millions of $$$.

The payment switch offers a comprehensive set of tools with one goal in mind: saving your company $$$.

Faster time to any market

Save valuable time and internal resources. Connect to multiple payment providers via a single API. Forget about the old way of spending valuable development resources on the painstaking process of connecting to payment providers. We've already done the heavy lifting for you.

Declines happen. Avoid them.

You worked hard to get the customer to click "buy". Now it's our turn. With a payment switch, we fight to have your payment approved.
A payment provider outage is something that happens from time to time. When it happens on a large scale payment operation it can cause a huge amount of damage (and loses).

PCI? Tokenization? We've got you covered.

Say goodbye to the headaches of maintaining costly PCI certification and vendor locks. We assume the PCI burden so you don't need to. And by leveraging the switch’s independent token vault, you no longer need to stay faithful to any one payment provider. Our payment token works with all of your providers.

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Looking to maximize your payments?

Contact our team via the form below to check if ZOOZ can optimize your payment needs.