Impactful payment solutions

Smart Routing

Smart Routing™ is a flexible payment solution that seamlessly connects into any merchant’s infrastructure to apply business rules which can optimize all transactions and ensure streamlined payments performance. Smart Routing leads to reduced costs and improved user experiences, intelligently routing between multiple payment methods and across global boundaries based on data parameters, such as risk score, geo-location and card type.

Lower Transaction Costs

Eliminate cross-border and currency conversion fees and reduce decline rates with data-driven transaction routing

Enhanced Connectivity

Effortlessly connect to the Zooz network of financial institutions, without severing existing acquirer relationships

Go Global, Stay Local

Maximize your global potential with the intelligence to cater to consumer preferences locally and across borders

Smart Routing



Zooz Insights consolidates and aggregates transaction information from every channel and financial institution into a centralized portal making data more accessible to merchants. The data transparency and analysis provided by Zooz empower large, multi-channel businesses to make informed decisions about future integrations, global expansion, transaction routing, and omni-channel commerce to optimize the customer experience at every touch point.

Insights enables merchants to drive value through data visibility, identifying payment process inefficiencies so merchants can implement solutions that reduce abandonment rates, card declines, and downtime impact.