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Your comprehensive set of tools to manage and optimize your payments

This is how the ZOOZ magic works:
Connect to Providers
Analyze Transactions
Optimize Performance

Connect to any payment provider

Serve your global customer by offering their local providers

Add any Provider and Method with a click.

Connect to all of our supported payment providers and methods around the world with one API. Save on hefty integration costs and reduce your time to market with our open payments platform.

Universal Token for all your providers.

Our token can be used with any provider, giving your customers a seamless payment experience and preventing provider lock-in.

Test your payment flows before going live.

We provide a test environment as a safe place for you to develop and test your integration, without connecting to the live payment networks.


One convenient REST API
Add / drop providers with ease
Faster time to enter new markets
Connect with us

Analyze your payments

A convenient view of your payment trends allowing you to benchmark your providers

Your payment KPI’s in one place.

With our real-time dashboard you can monitor your global payments activity easily.

View a real-time summary of your payments data and monitor all your payments activity from a central platform.

Gain insights with advanced analytics on your data.

Look beyond the numbers:
compare and evaluate your payment providers performance in order to improve your results.

Search & Find any payment.

Any global payment, across all of your providers can be found quickly with our payment search. Then view entire payment and transaction information instantly. You’re even able to take action per specific transaction.

Comprehensive Cross-provider reports.

Create any custom reports based on your business needs.

Slice & dice your global payments to generate and download reports based on your business needs.

The ZOOZ advantage

Benchmark your providers
Spot payment trends
Unified cross-channel investigation tools to better your results
Consolidate now

Optimize your operations

Complete control over your global payments, allowing you to segment and direct your payments to the most optimal provider based on your business needs.

Direct each transaction to the optimal processor.

Segment and direct your payments to the most optimal processor for complete control over your payments processing.

- Route transactions according to BIN, currency and other payment data
- Route according to lowest provider fees
- Route based on highest approval rates

Save potentially lost transactions.

With instant retry you can automatically send declined transaction to another provider, allowing you to save these potentially lost transactions. This means rerouting transactions to a backup provider, in the event that a provider receiving a transaction request failed to process the payment.

Protect your business against unwanted transactions.

Create a custom block rule to prevent unwanted transactions from reaching providers, thereby saving on your provider fees.

How you'll improve

Increase your approval rates
Reduce your provider fees
Decrease fraud
Ready to optimize?

Contact us

Interested in seeing how your business can leverage our product?