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The people behind the tech

ZOOZ is composed of talented unique individuals, building the payments infrastructure of the future. We envision a world with global commerce free of borders.

Oren Levy

Co-Founder & CEO

Ronen Morecki

Co-Founder & CTO

Adi Topaz

VP Engineering

Nadav Naaman

VP Product

Tamir Mizrahi

Director of Finance

Lilit Hagemeier

Head of People

Netanel Ohayon

Special Operations

Alex Ugol

Engineering Manager

Andrew Irvine

Head of Infrastructure and Operation

Idan Tovi

Engineering Manager

Eli Nudler

Tech Lead

Shahar Melamed

Director of Sales

Adee Lavi

Product Manager

Sharon Dweck

Product Manager

Mor Pecht

Marketing Manager

Yael Silberstein Abel

Customer Success Manager

Shahar Netanel

Head of Sales Engineering

Nir Melamed

Technical Support Team Lead

Asher Holder

Software Engineer

Dina Yakovlev

Software Engineer

Eshed Yaacov

Software Engineer

Eb Levi

Software Engineer

Guri Livne

Tech Lead

Guy Motola

Technical Support Engineer

Guy Biecher

Data Engineer

Avital Zaltzman

Ops Engineer

Avraham Kalvo

Ops Engineer

Jacob Goldenberg

Ops Engineer

Jacob Koren

Tech Lead

Kobi Carmeli

Tech Lead

Nurit Handelman

Office Manager

Matan Avneri

Tech Lead

Meytal Segal

Tech Lead

Lorin Totah

Software Engineer

Liron Tal

Software Engineer

Liad Berko

Software Engineer

Gal Cohen

Software Engineer

Manor Lahagani

Software Engineer

David Faizulaev

Software Engineer

Arnon Borensztajn

Technical Writer

Sagiv Cohen

Software Engineer

Roy Vaknin

Software Engineer

Shai Moria

Software Engineer

Noam Cohen

Tech Lead

Oded Goldstein

Tech Lead

Orian Sandstein

Creative & UX

Rona Yadid Fass

Tech Lead

Rotem Zaig

Software Engineer

Rotem Zvigi

Support Engineer

Roy Miara

Machine Learning Engineer

Talia Wainberg

Software Engineer

Yuri Abaev

Software Engineer

Zuki Sarusi

Software Engineer

Daniel krishek

Professional Services Engineer

Didi Kohen

Delivery Engineer

Hany Mhajna

Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)

Neta Amiram

Support Engineer

Nitzan Haimovich

Ops Engineer

Niv Lipetz

Software Engineer

Omer Sher

Software Engineer

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