Don’t forget to vote for Zooz – 2017 Benzinga Fintech Awards

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Voting for the 2017 Benzinga Fintech Awards closes this week on 17 March 2017 – we hope we have your vote!


As a reminder, you can vote for Zooz on the Benzinga platform via LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook every day until the voting closes.


Why vote for Zooz? Here are a few reasons that Zooz’s technology leads our industry and why you should vote for Zooz.

  1. We help leading financial institutions and merchants enter new markets by connecting them to local providers worldwide, enabling localization and quick time-to-market.

  3. We offer a single point of connection for integrating multiple financial institutions, payment methods, fraud detectors and third-party technologies your business needs to operate globally.

  5. Our technology is robust and resilient – it is designed to “self heal.” When problems arise, intelligent machine learning mechanisms enable the system to make changes to maintain operations.

  7. Our Optimization solution enables you to increase revenues by preventing declines and fraud.

  9. With Zooz, you can enjoy faster time-to-market than an in-house solution – we provide you with the resilient technology and advanced solutions you require.

  11. Our solution enables you to consolidate all your payment activities into one configurable system that grows with your requirements.

  13. Our system helps you reduce development costs by providing an easy to integrate and robust solution.

  15. Our solution provides full visibility into your payment processes, enabling you to drive global transaction acceptance for reduced costs and connect to any service provider worldwide with open garden flexibility.

  17. Our Smart Routing solution enables you to create intelligent transaction routing rules based on ongoing data insights and processing results.

  19. Our payments platform is built on state-of-the-art architecture that helps you prevent single points of failure, maximize transaction acceptance and optimize payments management.

  21. Our robust technology is constantly updated. New versions and enhancements are released seamlessly into production, so you are always using the most up-to-date technology without investing further integration efforts.

  23. Our solution enables you to choose the most suitable providers for your business from an open garden network, based on transparent performance data.

  25. Our data-driven solutions enable you to identify inefficiencies and correct them with real-time customizable transaction routing.

  27. Our solution enables you to monitor and configure payment flows to reduce costs, save resources and streamline operations.

  29. Our solution is designed to scale, so you can integrate with a wide range of technology systems and dynamically grow your payment processes as needed.

We appreciate your support!