How do alternative payment methods like Apple Pay and Android Pay partner with companies for payments?

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With the increasing popularity of alternative payment methods worldwide, merchants must be able to provide their target audiences with the type of payment methods that keep them in their comfort zone. In many countries, consumers prefer local alternative payment methods, while others opt for global options like PayPal, Apple Pay and Android Pay.
How can you integrate the most suitable alternative payments for each region? One way is to decide which payment methods you want to implement and individually integrate each one with your payment acceptance infrastructure. This option is somewhat complicated because it necessitates following the integration for each payment method – which can be a drain on both time and resources – and doesn’t really provide a long-term or flexible solution for alternative payment method acceptance.
By separately implementing each payment method you need, you may be able to resolve your short-term requirements, but keep in mind that you will probably integrate new payment methods in the future if you expand your business globally or as the market demands change. In that event, you will need to invest additional time, money and resources into integrating these additional payment modules.
Today, smart payment solutions enable you to accept a wide range of payment methods in different regions. These platforms provide connectivity to multiple payment providers and alternative payment methods, and enable merchants to choose which payment services and options to implement at each location. Merchants can dynamically and effortlessly change their third-party providers and the payment methods they offer via the platform. After the initial integration with the platform, the connection to additional payment providers and payment methods is seamless and immediate.


Learn how easy it is to partner your online enterprise with a smart payments platform, thereby achieving connectivity with the world’s leading payment methods wherever you do business.