Taking the pulse on mobile payments in 2017

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Check out the latest edition of Payments & Cards Magazine for CEO Oren Levy’s analysis of the global mobile payments space in 2017 (page 7).  

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How does the credit card payment authorization process work?

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    Payment processing involves a number stages, including credit card payment authorization, capture and settlement. The first stage, authorization, occurs following the credit card payment. In this stage, the issuing bank (the customer’s credit card issuer) authorizes the transaction and allocates funds for it. At this point, the amount “paid” […]

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Mobile Payments: It’s only a matter of time before the US catches up

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Last week, Chester Ritchie, Zooz EVP US, attended and spoke at MPC in Chicago and shared some insights and predictions about mobile payments adoption. Read about the future of mobile payments and more in this Paymentssource article:   Mobile wallets are evolving in the key areas of availability and consumer […]

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Behind the scenes of every online payment

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  In terms of transaction processing, an online payment works the same way as an in-store payment. The major difference between paying on online and offline channels is the user experience: In a brick-and-mortar store, a consumer pays by giving the retailer a credit card (or another form of payment), whereas […]

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Facebook Chatbots May Revolutionize the Shopping Experience

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  Commerce as we knew it only a few short years ago has come and gone, and its newest forms are morphing dynamically. Websites have lost ground to a seemingly endless number of mobile apps and even Facebook Chatbots. Many industry experts who previously predicted that mobile apps and e-wallets […]

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