5 Ways to Improve your Magento Checkout Experience


Imagine that you’re arranging your retail shop for the holiday shopping season. You decide that instead of setting up a few lines, you’ll arrange six cash registers and ask consumers to register at the first, then fill out their billing information at the second, then complete shipping information at the third, and so on and so forth until they finally review the transaction at the sixth register.

How many customers do you think would make it to the finish line?

If you’re thinking ZERO, then you’re probably right.

That six step line is how the a cumbersome online checkout can feel for your e-commerce consumers.

So, maybe some consumers are making it to the checkout. But how many are abandoning their carts simply because of a lengthy checkout experience?

Here are 5 steps that can help boost your conversions through a better consumer checkout experience.

In this blog post, we’ll show you how these principles led the way in our Web Checkout and Magento extension design. If you want to accomplish these five steps quickly, just install the new Zooz Web Checkout EXPRESS Payment Extension, which was designed on these principles.


1. Eliminate Unnecessary Clutter

Only ask your customers the essential information needed for them to complete the purchase.

Now’s not the time to add your customer to your email list or to find out other information about your consumer pool. When the designing the UI, keep data entry to an absolute minimum, and only address the necessary components of payment and shipping details.


2. Don’t Ask Consumers to Register

Even if you had registered at an earlier purchase, how many times have you forgotten your username/password combination for that e-commerce site?

When consumers reach the checkout they’re ready to pay, and that’s your number one priority.

Asking them to register before checking out runs the risk of shopping cart abandonment. In our checkout, consumers can enjoy a quick checkout without ever needing to register for it on that first time.


3. Show Consumers their Progress

The Zooz UI shows consumers the three steps:

1) Pay    2) Ship    3) Done.

As the consumer moves through the process, the UI indicates the current step in green. This step is especially important when a consumer first hits the checkout, so that consumers can anticipate the process that lies ahead.

When the EXPRESS Payment checkout pops up with their payment info already filled in, they realize that all they have to do is fill in shipping and they’re done.

4.  Store User Information for Future Purchases

This step requires high-level security reassurance, which is why Zooz developed a unique patent-pending security technology.

If you’re developing your own checkout you’ll need to make sure you’re PCI Compliant, but with Zooz this feature is built in since Zooz stores the credit card details on its own servers.


5. It’s Not Just About the Number of Clicks. It’s About the Whole Experience.

Reducing the number of pages in your Magento checkout doesn’t necessary mean making the checkout process quicker.

Some consumers prefer focusing on one piece of information at a time instead of being hit with a long form to fill out. Many Magento checkout designs make the mistake of trying to get it all into one click, by cramming all the information into one form with small print.

These steps are just the beginning to building a solid path to increase your e-commerce sales. What other features or guiding principles would you add to the list of how to build the ultimate user experience in your Magento checkout? We’d love to hear your comments below…


Rocky – who has written posts on Zooz Blog.