Web Checkout 3.0 – All About User Experience

What’s the Solution?

Zooz’s Web Checkout 3.0 is the first checkout that optimizes the payment process for e-commerce sites with a focus on the dynamic user experience from ANY device. Once the user has paid through the Zooz Web Checkout 3.0, on any Zooz enabled website, the 2nd time experience involves just a few clicks.

Consumers shop online from everywhere and on every device, and they expect an easy and quick payment process. Even if a consumer has the option of typing credit card credentials from a keyboard, the process still risks shopping cart abandonment. Prioritizing the user experience through a clear and quick web checkout is one of the easiest ways that you can raise your conversion rates.

How does it work?

1st Time User Experience


Step 1: This window pops up on top of the magento based website. The user chooses the payment method and begins entering the credit card credentials. The form automatically identifies the credit card through the number.


Step 2: For users with location based services, Google Maps finds the user’s location. Otherwise, the user is asked for the shipping zip code first, in order to quicken the data entry process. The shipping step is optimized accordingly, since it poses the greatest risk of shopping cart abandonment. By sequencing the shipping step after the payment information, and by speeding up the checkout with Google integration, the experience becomes shockingly different for your consumer.

Step 3: Thank you screen. Payment is confirmed.

2nd Time User Experience

When the user enters a new website the checkout can now recognize the user’s credentials, providing that the user hasn’t opted out of Fast Checkout.


Step 1: Just enter CVV and click next because the information is already stored.

Step 2: Just choose shipping method because the address is already stored.

Step 3: Thank you screen.

Summary of clicks: 1 CVV, 1 shipping option choice, and 2 next buttons. That’s it!

Why will this New Checkout Increase Conversions?

This experience is all based on a technology that recognizes the user. So the user never has to log in, or create a user name and password in order to enjoy the seamless checkout. Once a user has completed a single purchase on the Zooz payment platforms, their information is securely stored for use on any Zooz enabled e-commerce site, and optimized across channels.

Meeting Your Consumers’ Needs: Why Web Checkout 3.0?

With consumers shopping online from every possible location, and on a whole range of devices, merchants are constantly trying to keep up. As the summer season came to a close, analysts reflected on the proportion of mobile payments relative to desktop online sales. How should merchants prepare for the next big holiday season? Which payment platforms should they optimize? In the race the catch consumers on apps and in mobile devices, merchants sometimes overlook the power of the consumer shopping from a laptop.

While the stats still remain a mystery, one truth remains consistent. E-commerce shoppers browsing on their desktop or laptop, still occupy the largest share of revenue producers for online sales. Yet the need for adaptive checkouts on different devices has taught us a valuable lesson about the online user experience in general. Once consumers have become accustomed to an easy, user-friendly, and quick checkout, as they experience on their iPhone or Android, they want the same experience no matter where or when they are shopping. The payment experience needs to match the look and feel of the consumer’s expectations in order to  maximize your conversion rates.

It’s just that simple. Let your payments be the easiest part of the online shopping experience.









Rocky – who has written posts on Zooz Blog.