Twenty eCommerce enthusiasts you should follow on Twitter

20 e-Commerce Enthusiasts You Should Follow on Twitter Those of us immersed in the social media world come in contact with countless active tweeters. But very few of us have found the right people to follow. We sign up for Twitter to join the current industry conversations, to give and gain access to useful information […]

This One Decision Can Make or Break your eCommerce Success

The shipping platform you choose for your e-commerce storefront can make or break you as an e-retailer. While shipping may seem like a technical concern, it is an element of the online shopping experience that heavily affects customer satisfaction. Over 90% of people have claimed that understanding their shipping options influences whether or not they […]

Retail’s safest gift has become dangerous – here’s how to protect yourself

It’s clear that everyone’s taken with gift cards. But we also realize that “everyone” includes fraudsters too. The question is how best to prevent gift card fraud? Of all payment methods, gift cards are notoriously vulnerable, because they are purchased by anonymous buyers. Usually, there aren’t security measures to verify the cardholder or protect the […]

Ten Essential Security Measures Retailers Should be Integrating

It seems like all we’ve been hearing about these days is fraud. Headline after headline about fraud schemes, major security breaches, and the critical need to integrate security strategies keep popping up. But the big question is how can you best protect yourself and your customers? MULTI-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION – a three pronged protection approach The […]

5 Ways to Improve your Magento Checkout Experience

Imagine that you’re arranging your retail shop for the holiday shopping season. You decide that instead of setting up a few lines, you’ll arrange six cash registers and ask consumers to register at the first, then fill out their billing information at the second, then complete shipping information at the third, and so on and […]