7 strategies for creating an omni-channel customer community

As omni-channel commerce gains momentum, retailers are pressed to develop customer engagement strategies translatable across all channels. One universal way retailers can foster customer relationships online and in-store is by encouraging customer reviews. Customer reviews are a great way to create a sense of community around your business. Because customer reviews are a way for […]

How are eWallets actually improving payments?

  It’s no secret that the eWallet is becoming a shopping experience staple – whether customers are shopping online or paying in-store. Although eWallets have been around for years, the media’s been abuzz with reports about new eWallets popping up in the market and explanations of how they’re improving the consumer payment experience. But with all […]

Brick and mortar is here to stay [and you’ll never believe why]

  Ever since we’ve assimilated e-commerce into the world of retail, a terrifying prospect has lurked in the background: Will e-commerce make brick and mortar stores entirely obsolete? As e-commerce has continued to develop, the question has only become more relevant. With e-commerce optimized on all devices, and brick and mortar stores integrating e-retail platforms […]

Twenty eCommerce enthusiasts you should follow on Twitter

20 e-Commerce Enthusiasts You Should Follow on Twitter Those of us immersed in the social media world come in contact with countless active tweeters. But very few of us have found the right people to follow. We sign up for Twitter to join the current industry conversations, to give and gain access to useful information […]

This One Decision Can Make or Break your eCommerce Success

The shipping platform you choose for your e-commerce storefront can make or break you as an e-retailer. While shipping may seem like a technical concern, it is an element of the online shopping experience that heavily affects customer satisfaction. Over 90% of people have claimed that understanding their shipping options influences whether or not they […]