Join our twitter roundtable chat: “Transaction declined? Getting ahead of payment tech challenges in 2015″

Zooz Twitter Roundtable

 Join our Twitter Roundtable Chat: Transaction Declined? Getting Ahead of Payment Tech Challenges in 2015. How to Cope with Apple Pay, Bitcoin, Fraud, EMV and Other Critical Issues

Wednesday, February 25

2:00 PM EST

Hash Tag: #paytech2015

The goal of this one-hour Twitter Roundtable Chat is to gather a wide range of expert opinions regarding the rapidly changing payments landscape and key trends that will affect retailers and e-tailers in 2015. We have lined up an expert panel of payments industry influencers to field our questions, including: trade reporters, industry analysts and consultants; C-level industry executives; and professors of economics and business history.

2014 was a year of significant and rapid change for the payments sector, and 2015 is proving to be no different. Consumers, retailers and e-tailers, credit card companies and other industry players are being forced to keep up with a number of new technologies and developments, the full significance of which is still being determined. Although varied and complicated, most of the dominant issues affecting today’s payments industry fall under two umbrellas: Payment Methods and Security.

Payment Methods

Apple Pay is in the headlines every day, but traction among consumers remains sluggish. Meanwhile, Google, Samsung and other major players plan competitive services (including the retail industry’s CurrentC), fighting for a piece of a pie that is still only half-baked. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are also becoming popular among early adopters, but industry pundits warn that they are too unstable and unregulated for mainstream retail acceptance.


Another key issue keeping retail and payment executives awake at night involves security and the endlessly frustrating battle against hackers, fraudsters and identity thieves.  Target, Kmart and several other major retailers are still working to repair their tarnished reputations following high-profile 2014 breaches. The looming U.S. EMV deadline will complicate things further, putting the responsibility of credit card fraud squarely on the backs of the retailers.

How to Join

We hope you will join us for what is sure to be a stimulating discussion.  You can use TweetChat, HootSuite or TweetDeck in order to follow the conversation and participate. Simply enter the hashtag #paytech2015 a few minutes before the start time, and the Zooz moderator will make introductions and begin the questioning. Please make sure to include the hashtag #paytech2015 with every tweet you post during the Roundtable.  Otherwise, your comment will not be picked up by TweetChat and other social media dashboards, and will therefore not be seen by most other participants.

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